Everyone has their personal reasons for traveling….and Vietnam was a special destination I felt I needed to visit.  As far back as several decades, I can remember wanting to travel to Vietnam.  From the first time I saw the 80’s Vietnam war movies, Platoon and Full Metal Jacket I have always been fascinated by this […]

On location in Africa – NBC Olympics

I have done a fair amount of work with DP Thom McCallum and his production company 7th Movement.  This assignment was special.  16 day shoot.  14 flights.  South Africa.  Mozambique.  Kenya.  Ethiopia.  We were to film athletes competing in the upcoming Brazil Summer Olympics.  Gold Medal Swimmer and the only swimmer to beat Michael Phelps […]

Mexico City

These recordings are from a few days I spent in Mexico City in November of 2016.  Recordings were made with Mkh50/Mkh30 Mid/Side using a Sound Devices 633.  I was surprised at how bad the traffic was.  I live in Los Angeles and I can tell you with absolute certainty that Mexico City traffic is much […]