Joshua Tree – A Mushroom Journey

I have done a few films with Sean and Cass.  For me, the kind of films that they make are the kind of films that need to be made.  Not because of money or fame or shock value.  The films they make are social currency.  They allow people to understand what is possible in this world without having to do the hard work or take the chances.  Sean and Cass do the heavy lifting for you, they show you the a sense.

On this particular project, Cass sent me a text and said they had something coming up in Joshua Tree.  I told her I’d love to be on the team.  Some time later we found ourself making the instant classic film Joshua Tree.

To me the filmmaking process is a job.  I can do my job well.  Things will sound good.  I can carry shit.  I can hook stuff up.  I can solve technical problems.  You will get a high level crew member when I’m on your team.  However, when you work on a project like this, for me what really makes it special are the people you are with.  The love you share.  The team that has your back.  The bond you make.  The promise to each other that regardless of whatever happens…shit’s going to be ok.    Here are some photos of that weekend.