Enter the Ninja – Naoki Kobayahsi and my Dad

So for years my dad has been hinting that if I ever had the chance to bring him on a set, he ‘might’ like to join me.  I was asked to mix the location sound for a Ninja movie starring the very famous in Japan, Naoki Kobayashi.  I didn’t know much more about this project except that it was going to be filmed on location in Lancaster, California in the middle of summer, and that it was to be based on the classic ninja movie ENTER THE NINJA.  If you work in Hollywood you know that Lancaster and Summer put together in the same sentence means that you are going to be working long hot days in the desert.  I told Jacob the producer that I could do the film but I would have to take my dad along because he was in town visiting me for the week.  Before you know it, they had found an acting role for my dad in the film.  He was set to play the Villain.  Just like I mentioned earlier, the shoot was two long and very hot days.  This was a very special shoot for me because I was finally able to work on a film set with my dad.  As I get older, I realize that the time you have is very precious.  Spend time with your friends and family whenever you get the chance.