Hermanos – A short film by Timur Botzkin

Usually when I am asked to work on a short “independent” film I immediately think about low budgets, inexperienced filmmakers and chaos on set.  However, I was really surprised on the set of Hermanos.  The film was directed by an 18 year old kid, and he was a really amazing director!  This is so rare to see.  Timur was supported by his parents in this endeavor but he was fully in charge on set and he knew exactly what he wanted to get out of his actors and the story.  Not only did he direct well, he made everyone on set feel like they were part of a team.  In my opinion, the best and most successful movie sets that I have worked on are sets that have a feeling of camaraderie and team work.  It was a joy to see such a young and inspired director embracing the entire movie making process by inspiring team work in the crew.