Los Angeles Post # 1: Evergreen Wrapup.

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything….I’ve been so busy making movies!

Quick summary of me..I graduated from the Evergreen State College in June of 2011 with a Music Technology and Engineering Degree.

Here’s a few highlights:

A quick wrapup of my Evergreen Experience:

I wasn’t a big fan of the evaluation system at evergreen so here are my quick evaluations of the media staff and faculty I dealt with at Evergreen:

  • Diana Schlesselman:  Solid.  Thorough and very helpful.
  • Wyatt Cates:  Friendly.  Very Helpful when I needed advice. Supportive.
  • Kathryn Ford:  She is the best.  Kathryn is alway very informative and mature.  I could always count on Kathryn.
  • Raoul Berman:  This kind of goes without saying.  Evergreen media services would fall apart without Raoul.
  • Terry Setter:  Sincere.  Terry was a great audio teacher for me.  Thorough in his teachings.
  • Mike Kinley:  Excellent.  Very helpful.
  • Sally Cloninger:  Very supportive of my endeavors.  When I needed faculty support Sally was there to offer good advice.
  • Dave Cramton:  Great.  I wish more staff were like Dave.
  • Andrew Buchman:  Supportive.
  • Ben Kamen:  Ben was my favorite teacher at TESC.
  • Leala Smith:  Leala was very supportive.
  • Aaron Kruse:  If I ever had an audio question, I would first go to Aaron…then Raoul.  He is the techno-audio backbone of EM.
  • Photoland:  Nice, quirky
  • Randy Rahn:  I was a childhood friend of Randy’s daughter.  Randy was always supportive of me and very encouraging.
  • Andy Corn, Greg Porter and all of Studend Activities:  Student activities was great!
  • Shannon Stewart and all of the Com staff:  I love Shannon Stewart.  She was always working hard and ready to have a good laugh.
  • Matt Lawrence and all of the theatre nurds:  I Love Matt almost as much as I love Shannon.

I am very happy with my Evergreen Education and I would choose to attend Evergreen again if I had to make the choice a second time.