Obsidian Dolls, a feature film by Michael Carnick

We just wrapped Obsidian Dolls! My good friend Michael Carnick has been talking about this movie for the last year and apparently has been sitting on some version of this script for many years…written when was a much darker place emotionally and revised over the years. He jokes with me that he always sees me in pictures with famous hollywood celebrities so I keep on telling him to hurry up and get famous so I can post photos of he and I. Jokes aside, Michael is very talented writer and this is the third project I have worked with him on. Many years ago we shot his first short film “Rolling Romance”, last year we shot his tv pilot “Manny Fantasma” and we just wrapped his first feature and directorial debut “Obsidian Dolls”. We signed an NDA for the film, but what I will tell you is this feature was a very challenging and amazing experience. I called up Kris “Mangy” Geffen, my trusty boom op and we headed down to San Diego for a month., the rest is a blur of history and overnight shoots. This film is like no other I have worked on or seen. 2 actors, 1 location, many many pages of very heavy dialogue. Kris and I had our work cut out for us but we pulled up our boots straps and dug in….I think we all really made something special. BTS Stills by http://scottytipton.com