On the road with Dave Chappelle…

So it’s June 2018…Delmar calls me up and says that Dave wants the crew to go back out on the road.  “Dave was asking about you man.  You ready to go back out on the road?”  Of course my answer was YES.  Although being on the road is a bit of an endurance test and many times a nearly impossible schedule, we always have a great time and we always get to hang out with Dave Chappelle.  This job is in the conversation for GOAT for me.  And after over shows with Dave and the crew it’s starting to feel a bit like a family.  We know each other.  We can real with each other.  We support each other.  Dave and Jon Stewart did some days in Texas in June which led up to the Netflix special of Mo Amer.  Mo is one of Dave’s best friends and they have done hundreds and hundreds of shows together.  Add Jon Stewart into the mix and you have a Comedy show of legends!  El Paso was hard.  El Paso was hot.  El Paso was hilarious!

Dave on stage with John Mayer in 2018 at the Peppermint club in Los Angeles
Dave even makes Jon Stewart laugh. On Stage El Paso 2018
Legends of Comedy: Jon Stewart, Mo Amer, Dave Chappelle…backstage El Paso. 2018
Gee Lock our DP, Jake (dave’s head security), Croft (AC) and Garen (field producer) holding it down before showtime in El Paso
Dom getting some after hours b roll with TI, and Dave and The Band with no Name.


This is one of those jobs that you can never really plan for.  If you are in the industry, you know what I mean.  Jobs just fall out of the sky.  In this case, my good friend Delmar called me one afternoon ask asked me what I was doing for the next month.  I gave the usual reply when someone asks me such an ambiguous question.  I replied “I don’t know, I’ll have to check my calendar”.  After the small talk, it turns out that Delmar was getting a crew together to head out on the road with Dave Chappelle for an upcoming southern states comedy tour.  After some negotiating, and it seems like less than a week later, I was flying to the east coast to go on tour with Dave Chappelle AKA comedy GOD.  Over the next several months, we hit over 30 shows.  I’ll just say he’s funnier than I ever imagined on stage and off stage, Dave is a very genuine and thoughtful dude…a smart mother.  Dom our DP in the foreground is filming an after party one night in New Orleans….Dave and TI in the background.

We went on the road several times in 2017.  Throughout the South in the early part of the year.  Then we did a bunch of days in Austin.  And of course the big Radio City Music Hall month long residency.  We finished off the year with Dave and Jon Mayer doing a few nights in Los Angeles and bringing in the new year on CNN.


Dave and Jon Mayer bringing in the new years on CNN via satelite…boom of course is in the shot
Jamard and Iren, Dom and Delmar…somewhere in the south in early 2017
Dave on stage….long shutter speed photography
MC Dave Chappelle and Dj Trauma on the 1’s and 2’s at the Bayou Barn in New Orleans…2017
Fred Yonnet…dopest harp player in the game on stage with Dave and everyone else…New Orleans. 2017