Placido Domingo and Ivete Sangalo / Rock in Rio – Live from the Amazon River in Manaus, Brazil 2016

I got a call about a job in Brazil.  And  it turns out that the assignment was to cover a Placido Domingo and Ivete Sangalo orchestral performance in Manaus, Brazil.  This performance was for live TV in Brazil and my assignment was to do documentary coverage of the event for a live streaming service in the United States.  The stage was set in the middle of the Amazon River on a fabricated floating leaf.  I flew to Manaus, checked in to the business hotel and the following week I went on a river boat ride down the Amazon, shared roasted bugs with tribes people, wandered around the city of Manaus.  The concert went off without a hitch, I got my Placido Domingo interview as well as an interview with Andreas Kisser from Sepultura.  Here are some of the photos I snapped.  Enjoy.