ESPN – Raptors vs. Warriors #NarratedbyYetideBadaki

It must have been only a week prior to the first game of the 2019 NBA finals that ESPN reached out to me to do an undisclosed project with an undisclosed celebrity surrounding broadcasting of the NBA finals on ABC. The requirement for this project (besides master recording engineer) was flexibility. So after viewing a rough schedule and crunching a few dates and numbers, I signed on. Over the course of the finals the project that unfolded was capturing on location voiceover with actor Yetide Badaki for the opening story narration of each game of the series. The project was great and the final spots we produced turned out fantastic.

I’ll have to admit, I do not watch alot of sports on television. I liked the 80’s Celtics/Lakers rivalries because Larry Bird was my dads favorite player and of course the 90’s Bulls with Jordan/Pippen/Rodman were legendary…but getting the opportunity to work on ESPN projects over the last few years with athletes like Michael Phelps, James Harden and Tobin Heath to name a few, has given me a chance to appreciate the athletes and the sports they play from an entirely new perspective…through the eyes of the athlete.