Re-recording with Sarah Malakul Lane

Often times, for whatever reason you can’t get the dialog you want at the time that you are filming.  If you need to update your dialog recordings for your film, then you can do it in Post production.  ADR and Re-recording are perfectly legitimate to get the proper dialog takes for your films.  Most of my work comes from on set recording and location sound mixing.  However, I also do ADR and re-recording sessions.  On this project, I got a call from the director of a project that Sara shot in Hong Kong last year.  I have worked with Sara before and we made quick work of some ADR last year so this is our 2nd round of ADR for a different film.  Sara is the queen of ADR so this session was quick and painless with great results.  These photos are from our first session.  Kris Geffen, A friend of mine from film school helped us engineer the session.