Recordings from Standing Rock / December 2016

Oceti Sakowin – December 5, 2016 / Photo by Jason Allery
Oceti Sakowin – December 5, 2016 / Photo by Jason Allery

The following recordings were captured at the Standing Rock pipeline protest during December 2016 at the Oceti Sakowin Camp and the Cannonball Gymnasium.  Recorded on a Tascam Dr40 using the built in microphones.  If you weren’t able to visit or take part in the Standing Rock / DAPL water protest, you can listen to the stories of those that were there.  All these audio recordings were taken on location by me or Mike Chappelear and Jason Allery.  We traveled to Standing Rock at the same time as the Veterans for Standing Rock so many of the people we talked to are Veterans.

Eagle Butte, South Dakota – December 4, 2016

Unknown Veteran

A tribal elder speaks on her perspective

A Lakota from Pine Ridge and A woman cooking around a fire at Oceti Sakowin

“The only time I have ever been proud to be a Veteran”  – Jim Peterson from Bellingham Washington.  Vietnam Veteran.  Recording was made at the Cannonball, ND Gymnasium on December 6, 2016 (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2)

Canonball North Dakota Gymnasium – December 4, 2016

Jason Allery – Canonball Gymnasium – Little Shell Chippewa/Turtle Mountain Chippewa – Veteran

Mac McGloughlin – Veteran – Canonball Gymnasium

Sam Therman –  Navajo – Descendant of Original Code talker with US Military – Veteran