Thales/SpaceX/Irridium documentary…

A friend (and Los Angeles based cinematographer) Gareth Taylor reached out to me a few months ago about a job covering the launch of a Space X rocket and the Iridium Satellites.  The details were vague at that point but the job would for a company based in France and we would be filming a rocket launch at Vandenburg air force base north of Santa Barbara.  After a skype call to France and working out a few production details, Gareth and I were set to film the Iridium 6 launch.  Due to the high security risks of the subject matter:  Huge Rocket / Outer Space / Communication Satellites / United States Air Force….there was a gauntlet of paperwork and clearances that need to be performed before we could officially join the launch team…clearances…check!

Our French team was comprised of Mathieu Rizzo the producer and Mathieu Silva the director.  Yes, both are named Mathieu.  The company that hired us…Thales Communications has been instrumental in providing engineering for the satellites.  Thales provides engineering…Iridium builds the satellites…Space X launches the satellites into space.  After a weekend of wineries, delicious food and watching big rockets launch I can honestly say that my ability to speak French has improved.  If you ever get the chance to see a rocket launch…I recommend it.

The close up photos on this post aren’t mine.  They are from the “official photographer” from this launch.