Scotland…it was beautiful

As a travel photographer, I am always envious when I see photos of beautiful and interesting travel destinations on social media…Scotland is one of those picturesque locations. Mountains, valleys, beautiful remote landscapes, hairy coo’s… So, I decided to travel to Scotland on a photo adventure and see if I could capture some of that beauty. […]


Everyone has their personal reasons for traveling….and Vietnam was a special destination I felt I needed to visit.  As far back as several decades, I can remember wanting to travel to Vietnam.  From the first time I saw the 80’s Vietnam war movies, Platoon and Full Metal Jacket I have always been fascinated by this […]

Mexico City

These recordings are from a few days I spent in Mexico City in November of 2016.  Recordings were made with Mkh50/Mkh30 Mid/Side using a Sound Devices 633.  I was surprised at how bad the traffic was.  I live in Los Angeles and I can tell you with absolute certainty that Mexico City traffic is much […]