The Old Guitarist

We first worked together maybe 5 or 6 years ago. Christian was helping a friend produce a documentary type show about a guy paddling his way across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii…we shot the pilot, but I don’t think the guy ever actually paddled across the ocean….the important thing however is that I was introduced to Christian Everhard. We hit it off on set. A cool head and a really nice guy that likes to work hard. Anyways….it seems that every year or so Christian has a personal project and so we just finished shooting his latest. A short film about a family dealing with love and loss. 3 day shoot. One location. We shot on a Red camera in a hot location which isn’t my favorite due to the constant fan noise of the camera. However, the shoot went great and there was a group of friendly familiar faces on set. Looking forward to seeing this movie and looking forward to Christians next project!