Understanding Audio

By making your way through the following articles, documents and websites you will gain a solid understanding of most concepts necessary for audio recording, production, electrical implications and technology.

  1. Kenstone.net – basics of location recording
  2. Tape Op – resource for all things recording related
  3. Mixing With Your Mind – philosophical approach to recording
  4. Tweakheadz Lab – gear and online learning resource
  5. Sound On Sound – audio magazine for recording professionals
  6. Wikipedia.org – informative article on how microphones work
  7. Microfilmmaker Magazine – great article on ADR
  8. CECM Indiana University – acoustics and electronic music
  9. EBU Technical – Understanding Dolby, Loudness and Dynamic Range in Broadcast Audio
  10. Mediacollege.com – Simple explanation of Audio Compression
  11. antenna-theory.com – Understanding Smith Charts and Impedance
  12. Kenstone.net – Lavalier Microphone Comparison
  13. William A. Watkins Collection of Marine Mammal Sound Recordings
  14. Lectrosonics – Frequency Tables & Switch Settings
  15. AES – Audio Engineering Society