The Voice of the Ghetto

I started working with Timur a few years ago on a short film he directed called “Hermanos”. Fast forward I get a call from Timur about a new project he is directing. A documentary centered around a rap group out of South Central Los Angeles….V.O.T.G. (Voice of the Ghetto). To paraphrase, most of the group has spent time in prison, been shot several times, had family and friends murdered in the streets and have lived the very hard life that many movies have followed and glorified for the last several decades. They tell their stories of survival and life in their music and through this are creating a better and safer life for their family and future generations of their family and friends. V.O.T.G. are some of the nicest and realest people I have ever worked with as well as some very talented poets, rappers and beat makers! You won’t want to miss this story.